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Your Ultimate Shield Against Cyber Threats!


Features and Benefits

DarkWebID Scan:

  • Comprehensive dark web scan for compromised credentials, proactive monitoring, and alerts.
  • Benefits: Protects personal and business information, prevents identity theft, and secures online presence.


Internal Network Security Audit and Risk Assessment:

  • In-depth analysis of internal network, identification of vulnerabilities, and security improvement recommendations.
  • Benefits: Protects organization's data, ensures regulatory compliance, and maintains customer trust.


External Internet and Firewall Penetration Test and Audit:

  • Expert evaluation of internet-facing systems, firewall security, and identification of attack vectors.
  • Benefits: Safeguards business from external cyber attacks, protects sensitive data, and maintains strong online reputation.


Primary Deliverables:

  • Detailed reports delivered securely via email.
  • Post-scan meeting (in-person or virtual) to discuss results and provide security recommendations.
  • Includes Free IT Assessment and Consultation!

Cyber Guardian Bundle

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